Latte: An AI-Powered Video Editor

Latte An AI-Powered Video Editor


Latte is an AI tool that helps you make awesome videos. It can turn words into videos. Give Latte a text prompt, such as ‘a girl dancing in a neon city,’ and it will create a video based on your idea. Think of it as your personal video assistant. Latte can automatically add subtitles that match your video

Pricing Model: Free + Paid Plans

What can it do?

Turn words into videos: Give Latte a text prompt, like “a robot dancing in a neon city,” and it’ll cook up a whole video based on your idea.

Make quick clips from long videos: Upload a long video and Latte will automatically grab the best bits and turn them into bite-sized chunks for social media.

Add subtitles and music: No need for separate tools! Latte can automatically add subtitles that match your video, and even throw in some catchy tunes.

Crop and resize for different platforms: Whether you’re making a video for Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, Latte can adjust the size and format to fit perfectly.