ElevenLabs: Text to Speech & AI Voice Generator



ElevenLabs is an AI voice tool that can make your words sound like real, natural-sounding voices. It’s like having a whole crew of professional voice actors at your fingertips, ready to read any text you give them!. It is one of the best tools for text-to-voice and voice cloning available in the market. Create premium AI voices for free.

Pricing Model: Free + Paid Plans

Here’s what it can do:

  • Create audiobooks in a snap: Turn your ebooks, articles, or stories into audiobooks with voices that listeners will love.
  • Make videos more engaging: Add voiceovers to your YouTube videos, explainer clips, or business presentations to hold people’s attention.
  • Build unique characters for games and stories: Bring your characters to life with distinct voices that match their personalities.
  • Personalize learning experiences: Create educational content that speaks directly to students in a way they’ll connect with.
  • Crank up the realism in podcasts and audio dramas: Produce immersive audio experiences with voices that sound just like real people.

Here are some of its coolest features:

  • Voice cloning: Create custom voices that sound like you or anyone else, even if you don’t have professional recording equipment.
  • Multiple languages and styles: Choose from a variety of voices in different languages and accents to match your project’s tone and audience.
  • Easy editing: Fine-tune the audio by adjusting speed, pitch, emphasis, and pauses to get it just right.

It’s like having a super-powered voice recorder in your pocket!