Perplexity AI: an AI-powered search engine.

Perplexity AI


Perplexity AI is an AI-powered search engine. Perplexity is like having a super-smart friend who can answer any question, explore any topic, and keep you informed with the latest knowledge. It is one of the best tools for research. It is a chatbot-style search engine that allows users to ask questions.

Pricing Model: Free + Paid Plans

Think of it as your super-powered search engine on steroids. It combines the power of AI with traditional search to give you:

  • Instant Page Summaries: Quickly understand any article or webpage with Instant Page Summaries! Ideal for a speedy overview or time-saving.
  • Quick Queries: Ask any question directly from the toolbar, no need to switch between tabs or rephrase for different search engines.
  • **Thread ** Keep the conversation going with AI-powered follow-up questions to delve deeper into any topic.
  • Cited Sources: Every answer comes with sources, so you can trust the information you’re getting.